Harry Mendell

Harry Mendell is an inventor and computer scientist. He began his career working in real-time computer systems with human interfaces, specifically with computers and music where he invented the digital sampling music synthesizer which was first used by Stevie Wonder. While at Bell Labs, he was on the team that developed the first microprocessor Unix system and personally developed the chip for managing memory which operated under the the same principles that are used to date. He later moved into conceptualizing and designing computer algorithms in finance, and became an expert on global risk management, option trading and volatility research, as well as machine learning and natural language processing while working at Morgan Stanley, Carlyle Blue Wave and Citigroup. At Citigroup he used natural language processing to detect and classify operational risk. As Chief Data Scientist at Tapestry Data he developed a big data analytics tool that is able to take qualitative unstructured data from Facebook profiles and Twitter messages and provide psychological profiles either individually or on a specific populations such as those within an organization or geographic region. Currently Harry Mendell has formed Mendell Technology and is developing new techniques of classifying people’s digital footprint on the internet and advising companies on how these techniques can be used to enhance big data efforts in finance, lending, health care and marketing.

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